Hello readers today I am going to write a blog how our world is going to be after 20 years so enjoy reading the blog.


Our world is going to be the best because I will become the President of India and make a rule that each person who is alive should have a pet robot and they have to name it without any doubt.The robot should also be water proof,bullet proof and ice proof. The robot should also be able to do whatever we ask it to do.






It should be able to bare any kind of climate it and also protect us during such weather changes. It should also read and write at the same time. The next rule I will make is that half of our Earth can be surrounded by snow because it will be like a bubble and feel good. But I wish the snow will not give us a cold Continue reading “WORLD AFTER 20 YEARS”



Hello my friends today I will tell you about my favorite sport which is ‘skating’.  I like the sport because it has wheels so you can do many different stunts or even play basketball,football and badminton with your skates on. I was going for skating classes in school and I am part of the school skating team.

There are different types of skates like professional, Inline, quads and tenacity skates. I will give you a short description of each.

My favorite skates are professional skates because I can skate very fast in it and it also has big wheels. I also like it because it doesn’t have breaks but the only thing you can’t do is we cannot do a 360 degree turn with professional skates. My professional skates have four wheels in a straight line, very similar to this picture.


Some professional skates also have three wheels. The skates with three wheels are very dangerous because it is very fast and you can’t stop immediately. The skates with three wheels do not have breaks too. So, only at expert level you can do three wheels.

I also like inline skates because they are also mostly like professional skates except for the fact that wheels are small and inline skates have breaks so we can stop easily and immediately.

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The next skates I am going to talk about is quads. Quads are very different from inline and professional skates. It is different in shape and the position of the wheels. It looks more like a sports shoe and there is a brake in front.


Tenacity skates is similar to quads the shape is same the wheel position is same but we have to wear our own shoe first and then put the skates on top of the shoes. Tenacity skates are very slow and it is very boring to skate in it is also easy to balance. That is the beginner level skates used in many classes.


Hope the blog was informative to you. Thank you readers for reading my blog I was so excited to write this blog and hope you like it.

My favorite movie Moana


Hi everyone today I am going to talk about the movie moana

1.The movie moana was a splendid movie.

2.I liked the starting of the movie because the sea will become a screen and we can see the sea creatures.

3.I liked the movie because it had a lot of nice graphics.

4.The amazing part was that her grandmother will come after she was dead.


5.At the end the lava creature will become good because she put the pearl back on her.

So did you see how amazing movie I saw.

My lovely pet

Fighter FishHi everyone today I am going to write a blog about my lovely pet

1 My lovely pet is a fighter fish

2.The color of my fish is red

3. I named him lightning

4.I love him a lot when hi jumps around

5.But he is very boring to keep at home

So did you see how fun it is to have a pet at home Bye.

My friend Nandu

Nandu and NavyaNandu and Navya1

Hello everyone I am going to write a blog . About my friend Nandu

1,My friend Nandu is a kind friend

2.She loves to play Knock,Knock

3.She always calls me to her house.

4,She loves to eat chocolate cake

5.She is going to became 8 years old

6.Elsa and Anna are her favourite characters in the movie Frozen.

7.She won two gold medals in skating

8.She loves to read wimpy kid.

9.She has a dairy with a lock and key

10.She loves all sports

So now you know about my best friend. Wait for my next blog tomorrow Bye.

Interview with my blogging mam

Hi everyone ,

My blogging mam name is Narmadha. She loves blogging and she teaches us how to write blogs. She told us that we have to always write what is in our heart and enjoy writing.

I prepared these questions to interview her, and it was fun hearing her answers.

Q1 : What is your lucky number ?

Ans : 3, as it is my birthdate 🙂

Q2 : Who is your favourite person ?

Ans : My husband 😀 As I can trouble him a lot

Q3 : How many years are you ?

And : Just 2 years elder than you 😛

Q4 : Who is your favourite cricket player ?

Ans : Ganguly (have you heard of him ? )

Q5 : When is your birthday ?

Ans : June 3

Q6 : What is your hobby ?

Ans : Blogging, dancing

Q7 : Which birthday did you enjoy most ?

Ans : My birthday when I was in third std, I was wearing such a cute pant shirt for first time and my friends all came for my birthday cake cutting. My parents made it very very special.

Q8 : How many medals did you get in school ?

1,2,3,4……. Essay writing, speeches , elocutions, dramas, dance (but nothing on sports)

Q9 : What is your favourite gift ?

I have 3 fav gifts… My husband got me a jula for my birthday and he gifted a teddy bear (only once) . those two. My son gifted a dairy milk chocolate for mother’s day.

Q10 : How do you enjoy blogging ?

It is super awesome to think and write and spread positive thoughts, am sure you are also enjoying 🙂

How was the interview ? did you enjoy it ? Bye


My Mission on Clean India (Swachh Bharat)

Hello Everyone, I am writing a blog on how will I save my country. These are the some points on how and why will I keep my India clean. I request all to follow the points which I have mentioned below to keep our India clean and beautiful.

  • I will keep my surrounding’s clean because I want to keep my country clean
  • I will not waste pencil because I want to save trees
  • I will not waste glue because it uses trees and I want to save trees
  • I will not waste water because it is very precious than gold
  • I will not eat fish because you kill fish and it is very bad to kill any animal
  • I will not cut trees because we will not get oxygen
  • I will not pluck plants because there will be no greenery
  • I will not waste papers because it is made from trees
  • I will not use plastic because it is not good for health
  • I will use only paper bags because it is not man-made

10-Beautiful-Drawings-on-Clean-India-Swachh-Bharat-10So I hope you liked the points which I have mentioned and I hope you will also follow them. Hope to have a clean India. Swacha Bharat. See you all in my next blog where I have some interesting things to share with you all.

Interview with my most favourite person in the world

My blogging class mam gave me an interesting idea about ‘interview blogs’. She asked me, “whom do you wanna interview?” and I chose my grandmother, as she is the most favourite person in the world. She never scolds me or complains about me. I am her chellam always 🙂 So here is the interview question answers with her , Mrs Vatchala, my super granny.

Question 1 : How old are you ? Which age you enjoyed most ?

Answer : I am 58 years old, I enjoyed the day when I was born, I was a child small little baby

Question 2 : Who is your favourite person ?

Answer : MJR

Question 3 : When is your birthday ? Which is your most special birthday ?

Answer : My birthday is on 12th August and all my birthdays are good, I enjoyed all of them 🙂

Question 4 : What is your hobby ?

Answer : My hobby is doing some kitchen work

Question 5 : What is your favourite gift that you have received ?

Answer : The diamond ring which my daughter Sangeetha gave me. I really like it a lot

Question 6 : How was my mom during her childhood ? Very obedient or naughty ?

Answer : She was very naughty when she was small like you.

Question 7 : What is your advice for me grandma ?

Answer : Be a good girl always dear

Question 8 : What do you like about me ?

Answer : We all are very proud of you dear and you do great things that keep making us feel proud of you.

Question 9 : Is there some habit that I should change ?

Answer : Not at all, Navya is a super girl. Be very good like this 🙂

Questions 10 : Grandpa is very angry man. What will you do when he scolds you ?

Answer : My little grand daughter Navya is there to protect me, scold him and scream if he is angry on me , correct 🙂

See, how lovely she answered, especially about me 😀 That is why I love my grand mother very very much. Thank you…

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