Me & the dinosaurs

I had a nice birthday celebration. After that we slept by 11PM. I was very tired and very very happy.Once i went into deep sleep, then i got a dream.

But when i woke up, I was all alone in a forest surrounded by dinosaurs.  i saw a big dinosaur standing very close to me and I was so scared.

I ran when the dinosaur was attacking me, i saw a T-rex ,mososaures and teratops. I got very frightened , but I wanted to live. I wanted to go to my parents. So, I got an idea.

I saw that they were very hungry. When i threw meat, the dinosaurs were fighting to grab the meat and eat them. Then I threw more meat and they were friendly with me. a_girl_and_her_dinosaur_by_terraloba-d62g52lMany days I lived in the forest and the dinosaurs took good care of me. Then they found my parents place and dropped me at my home one day. All my neighbours and friends were surprised and shocked to see a dinosaur but they were very happy to see that I came back.

Moral of the story : You should be brave and bold at all circumstances. Even enemies will become friends if you help them.


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