The friendly tortoise and me

Friendly Tortoise

One day  there was a tortoise walking in the seashore

when I went near to the tortoise he went inside the shell because I think he was scared.

I gave grass to the tortoise as I thought he was hungry.He ate the grass

He was dark green and light green and he became friendly with me.

Me  and my friendly tortoise used to go to the sea everyday and collect shells. My

tortoise also helped me.

we kept all are shells in a small bag and went to sleep.

when I woke up I got shocked he was missing and I looked everywhere

when I looked in the sea he was there enjoying I took him out and told to him


OK! shall we come and swim in the sea also.

I took him in my hand and went home and we lived happily ever after.

moral-Be friendly with others and they will help you when you need them.


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