Interview with my most favourite person in the world

My blogging class mam gave me an interesting idea about ‘interview blogs’. She asked me, “whom do you wanna interview?” and I chose my grandmother, as she is the most favourite person in the world. She never scolds me or complains about me. I am her chellam always 🙂 So here is the interview question answers with her , Mrs Vatchala, my super granny.

Question 1 : How old are you ? Which age you enjoyed most ?

Answer : I am 58 years old, I enjoyed the day when I was born, I was a child small little baby

Question 2 : Who is your favourite person ?

Answer : MJR

Question 3 : When is your birthday ? Which is your most special birthday ?

Answer : My birthday is on 12th August and all my birthdays are good, I enjoyed all of them 🙂

Question 4 : What is your hobby ?

Answer : My hobby is doing some kitchen work

Question 5 : What is your favourite gift that you have received ?

Answer : The diamond ring which my daughter Sangeetha gave me. I really like it a lot

Question 6 : How was my mom during her childhood ? Very obedient or naughty ?

Answer : She was very naughty when she was small like you.

Question 7 : What is your advice for me grandma ?

Answer : Be a good girl always dear

Question 8 : What do you like about me ?

Answer : We all are very proud of you dear and you do great things that keep making us feel proud of you.

Question 9 : Is there some habit that I should change ?

Answer : Not at all, Navya is a super girl. Be very good like this 🙂

Questions 10 : Grandpa is very angry man. What will you do when he scolds you ?

Answer : My little grand daughter Navya is there to protect me, scold him and scream if he is angry on me , correct 🙂

See, how lovely she answered, especially about me 😀 That is why I love my grand mother very very much. Thank you…


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